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Holographic labels looking like switches glued onto the skin, a complexion radiating like the artificial glow of a flat screen: Belgian Peter Philips created a look for DIOR that bestows a machine-like aura upon people: retro-futuristic. Imagining visions and reflecting upon history at the same time is his job: Philips is the creative director of Christian Dior make-up. Meaning: He is not only in charge of all the looks but also the products and visuals. He started his career as a make-up artist during the 90s, influenced by his studies at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp and the proximity to Belgian avant-garde designers.

Do trends still exist?
The concept has changed, yes there are still some trends around – but basically anything goes now. The challenge at the moment is to come up with something new and honestly that is what makes it exciting. There is a lot of freedom nowadays.

That does not make it easy for everyone…
Right. People should not focus so much on what they extravert. Perfection for example is an illusion. An illusion that many devote themselves to.

It means pressure?
Exactly – and that will lead to disappointment and further on negative feelings. And that is exactly what needs to change.

Maybe that is due to our approach to ideals?
Absolutely, I myself can relate to that, everyone wants to deliver the very best version of themselves. But we have to realise that reality exists as well. We should simply be careful with how we approach perfection.

Is it more about beauty or innovation for you?
It should be both and it is always possible to create something new. However, simply creating something in order to create something else is wrong. I am first and foremost all about serving beauty and create something of use. That is my motivation.


And what is your wish for the future?
I of course hope that all the rubbish will get recycled. Maybe it will be possible to produce lipsticks out of recycled materials soon. That would be brilliant. We should be nice to our planet.

That aspect is not very present in the beauty business right now.
Brands do focus on sustainable production, but it is still mass production. It is a business after all. But things should be pursued in a more balanced and less selfish way. It would be exciting to have products that not only make people but also the surroundings more beautiful.

Are you working on that?
Dior is a “clean company” and we make “clean products” – meaning as clean as possible. But I am also sure that we could do even more.

Have you ever played with the idea of launching your own brand?
I have thought about it, but there are so many labels already and I am in a very comfortable position – I also love working for a house. I can implement trends, help create shows and campaigns – An own brand would limit me way more.

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