NEW ICON / Emilie Heathe

TUSH X Emilie Heathe
Art Direction and Realisation Laura Dunkelmann

Photo: Armin Morbach, Make-up Marie Dausell, Model: Jason Messanga / Le Management, Styling: Simon Riepe, Manicure: Vesna Pejak using Emilie Heathe, Casting: Hendrik Simon, Photoassistants: Alex Craddock, Lissy Gollnik, Retusche: Studio Reuter

The beauty photography of the late 50s and early 60s became iconic, especially when nail and manicure were the focus. Angles, postures and lightning made „beauty“ appear like an arty object – Until today, the visuals by photographers like Irving Penn are shaping the industry’s aesthetics.
But: the palette was rather pale and monotonous – white skin, pearly or red nails, always visibly feminine models.

Together with beauty and jewellery brand Emilie Heathe we reinterpreted the the legendary cosmetic photography. By adding color and rethinking the cast, we elevated the timeless aesthetics into a modern, inclusive inspiration – made complete by Heathe’s nail polish palette.

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