No Robot

A big night out with your friends, an exciting date, an evening at the theater, dancing to the sound of your favorite band: All of this has been put on a screen. Or just paused. A temporary error in our system.

But are you a robot? Does your heart only beat on electricity?

I assume you are not. And that the most recent programming didn’t delete your human touch. The real emotions, eyes full of feeling, touchable skin, a soul that seeks beauty.

So I encourage everyone to check all boxes that keep you human, and therefore unique.

Put on perfume, use makeup, curl your hair, paint your nails as bright as it gets – because all of these efforts are for yourself. You see and feel it.  You are not a robot, not made to serve the outside, fulfilling a pre-set program.

Reload your real self, or maybe even an updated version.

Click on Marc Jacobs’  latest mascara, it’ll open your eyes. On screen and in reality, break the mechanism of no makeup and reboot beauty.

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